Palm Sunday is the Sunday before the Friday of Jesus’ crucifixion. It is one week before the resurrection of Jesus. The two events (the crucifixion/death and resurrection) have very important implications for every Christian.

  • By grace of God, Jesus tasted death for all men (Heb. 2:9).
  • He brings many sons to glory (Heb. 2:10).
  • Through death, He destroyed the power of the devil, who has the power of death (Heb. 2:14).
  • He made reconciliation for the sins of the people (Heb. 2:17).
  • Jesus is our guarantee of eternal life (John 3:16 – 17)

CCC Hymn 186:Celestial Church burst ye for joy.

1st lesson (Zech. 9: 9 -12).

In the 1st lesson, Zechariah prophesied that our king is coming (v9).

Zechariah explains that:

  • The Messiah would not come as a warrior king, riding on a horse (v10);
  • He would be riding humbly upon a donkey, the animal used in the time of peace.
  • He would ride on the beast of burden: bearing the sins of the world.
  • His kingdom is not the typical kingdom of this world.
  • He will cut off the chariots because He is the prince of peace.
  • His kingdom will extend to all the world (Is. 9:6-7).

2nd lesson (Mark 11:9-10).

The prophecy of Zechariah was fulfilled in the 2nd lesson with the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem (v7).

Jesus went to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover feast. When He entered Jerusalem, the multitude cried Hosanna: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of Lord: Hosanna in the highest (Mark 11:9-10; quoted from            Ps. 118:24-26). Hosanna: meaning, “Save or help now”.

4 facts about the King

  • He is just and righteous.
  • He has salvation (Matt.1:21).
  • He is lowly (Matt.11:28 -30).
  • He will appear to Israel riding on an ass (Peacemaker).

CCC Hymn 129: Hosanna from heaven above.

Five days later, when they realized that He was not the Messiah (saviour) they desired, they shouted crucify Him (John 19:14 – 16). Jesus became the Passover lamb that took away the sin of the world (1 Cor. 5:7).

Significance of the Triumphant Entry:

  • To make public His claim to be the Messiah and King of Israel (fulfillment of Zech.9:9).
  • He came not to conquer by force, but by love, mercy, grace and His own sacrifice for the people (Jn.15:13).
  • He came not to lead a revolution, but conquers and reigns in our hearts with peace and love (Col.3:15).
  • His message is one of peace with God, not worldly peace (John 14:27).


We are reminded today of the importance of recognising Jesus as the King He is. Not necessarily the king we desire; to destroy our enemies or gain the world and loose our souls (1John 2:15-17).

If Jesus has made the triumphant entry into our hearts, He reigns there in peace and love. As His followers, we must exhibit those same qualities, and let the world see the true king living and reigning triumphantly in us.

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