This is Harvest Time. God has already blessed us and the celebration of the harvest is to thank Him for His mercy, grace and favour.  (Rom. 9:15-16; 1 Cor. 15:10).

However, many people don’t know the spiritual implication of celebrating the harvest. So, this morning, I shall be speaking to us about the Great Harvest.

The 1st and 2nd lessons are talking about the harvest:

  • The physical or earthly harvest is when the corn is ripe and we gather it into the barn, celebrate and thank God for the bountiful yield.
  • The spiritual or heavenly harvest is when the believers are ripe, and Christ shall gather them into heaven.

1st Lesson (Deuteronomy 14:22-29)

God commanded that Israel must surely bring a tithe (one tenth) of all their increase (harvest of fruits and livestock) into the house of the LORD to be eaten with the Levites. To teach them the fear of God always (Deut. 14:22-23).

The purpose:

  • The human heart is covetous, distrusting and selfish. God has need for nothing. He can satisfy the poor with bread without our help (Ps. 132:15).
  • If God asks us to share what we have, it is not to provide, rather it is to teach us to give. God uses the tithe of the harvest to teach us to love, friendliness, generosity, cheerfulness, and giving of relief to the poor (2 Cor. 9:7– 9).
  • Our worldly possession is most comfortably enjoyed when shared with those in need; and for God to bless the works of our hand (Deut. 14:28-29).

2nd Lesson (Revelation 14:14-20).

We see the Son of man (Jesus) sitting on the white cloud, wearing a golden crown and holding a sharp sickle. The one who was judged of men shall become the judge of men. He shall order the great harvest of the earth (Rev. 14:14-15).Note that while the judgment results

in deliverance for the righteous, it is calamity to the wicked (vv17-20; 2 Thes. 1:7-9).

CCC Hymn 553: He who judges the world shall soon come.

Three (3) Choices

Today, there are choices placed before you and you must make a decision:

  • To prosper or perish (Is. 1:19; Job 36:11).
  • To be righteous or to be wicked (Lev. 11:45; Heb. 12:14).
  • To accept Jesus as your savior or meet Him as your judge.

God is good.

God has spelt out the choices that you have and already told you what to choose (Deut.30:15-19).

As we celebrate the harvest and rejoice before the Lord this year, let us remember that:

  • You will only reap what you sow (Gal. 6: 7-8).
  • God cannot be deceived (1 Cor. 6:9-10)
  • God will only bless those who are grateful (Ps. 50:23).
  • Those who are generously to the poor (Prov. 19:17).
  • Those who have absolute confidence and unshakeable faith in God (Heb. 11:1; 6; Rom.10:17; Matt. 17:20).
  • Those who store their treasures in heaven: Salvation; the Kingdom of God; and Eternal Life (Matt. 6:19-21). 
  • Those who treasure Jesus above all (Phil.2:9-11).
  • Those who give up everything for the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt. 19:28-29).

When we commit all our resources (money, time, talents) to God’s work in this world, we shall receive eternal reward. The wicked also shall receive the reward of their evil work (Col.3:23-25).


Think for a minute. Why should we choose to be eternally miserable when the offer of eternal happiness is set before us?   Today, you must choose Jesus as your savior and not as a judge (Heb.10:26-27; 31).                                                               

  • The patience of God towards sinners is the greatest miracle in the world, although it is lasting, it will not be everlasting.
  • The greatest grace of God to mankind is the offer of free salvation to the worst sinners through Jesus Christ (John 3:16-17). Have you trully accepted Him?

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