THE CALL OF GOD (1 SAMUEL 3:1-15; ACTS 9:1-18)


There is a call of God upon your life.

  • You are not here by accident, chance, mistake or out of your own volition.  It is  God that has called you here for a purpose (John 6:44, 65)
  • If indeed God has called you, whether the world likes it or not you will be glorified (Rom.8:28-30).
  • However, before that glory, you must first answer the call.

Mark you, there are choices.  You can resist, reject or accept the call but there are also consequences.

CCC Hymn 284: Salvation comes today.

1st Lesson (Sam 3: 1-15)

  • Samuel was a youth, dedicated to God from infancy     (1 Sam 1: 27-28).
  • He slept in the holy place in the Tabernacle.
  • God called him while asleep but did not realize it was God.
  • This was because Samuel did not yet know God; and neither was the word of God yet revealed to him (I Sam. 3: 7)
  • Through the guidance of Eli, Samuel answered the call of God “Speak for your servant heareth”   (I Sam. 3:10)
  • As a result, God showed him what would happen in the future (I Sam. 3: 11).

2nd Lesson (Acts 9: 1-18

  • God called Saul, a persecutor of the followers of Jesus who was set apart from his mother’s womb, and called by grace (Gal.1: 13-16)
  • Saul did not recognize Jesus “Who art thou, Lord” (v5).
  • When Jesus revealed Himself, Saul answered the call “Lord what will thou have we do” (Acts 9: 4-6).
  • Later Saul’s name was changed to Paul and became the foremost apostle of Jesus to the Gentiles.

Now listen to me carefully! God called Samuel’s name twice   (1 Sam. 3:10). He called Saul’s name twice (Acts 9:4). Other people whose names were called twice were Abraham, Jacob and Moses. They all became great pillars of Israel.

There is a name you are being called now, it must change. When God calls you twice by name, He has something big in store for you.  This afternoon God is calling your name not once but twice. You better answer “here am I”.

  1. The Youth

The Lord says you should be prepared to follow Jesus.  Don’t say I am too young; the time is not right or let me enjoy myself first.  God has set you apart from birth (Jer.1:5)

In as much as you have been called, the most important thing is to heed the call. Say Yes.

Hymn 682: I hear the call of the Lamb.

  • The Elders.

The lord is calling you to be watchful and prayerful. Learn from the rejection and dishonor of Eli (1 Sam. 2: 27-30).

  • The rest of us

Perhaps you think you are too gone into sin and beyond the call of God. Saul was an antagonist, blasphemer, persecutor and Injurious. He confessed that he was the chief of binners (1 Tim 1: 13-15). If God can call Saul, He will not forsake you.

CCC Hymn 205: God the King of Heavenly Light.

What must we do? (Solution)

God speaks to us personally in His holy book.  Let us develop the habit of reading it and be ready to do whatever the Lord tells us to do. That is the Secret of Life (Jos. 1: 22).

God has called you, if you refuse the call “All your labour will be in vain” (Is. 49: 1-4). But if you answer this call you shall not lose your rewards (Matt. 19: 27-29).

  • You shall sit upon thrones;
  • You shall receive a 100 fold here on earth; and 
  • In the life to come you shall inhere eternal life in Jesus name.

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