I have very good news for you. If you come to God today, obey and serve Him:

  • God will never leave, forget or forsake you (Is.49:14-16).
  • He will give you everlasting peace and eternal joy (John 14:27-28).

Today, God sent me to warn you about the philosophy of the worldly man that has no concept in God. It may appear to be true, but it is not the truth.

  • It says death is the end of all things; and
  • There is no hope beyond the grave.

God says I should assure you that:

  • Your work in this life is not in vain (Gal.6:7-8).
  • It will follow you into eternity (1 Cor.15:58; Rev. 14:13).
  • Your life is in God’s hand.

CCC Hymn 536: N o one knows tomorrow.

1st Lesson (Ecclesiastes 9:1-12)

Solomon surveys the state of the children of men in the world  and concludes: 

  • That in life, good and bad men have a common destiny (v.1-3).
  • That death puts a final period to all our endevours and all our enjoyments in this world (vv. 4-6). Eat…drink….and be merry” (vv. 7-10).
  • That “Time and chance happen to them all” (v. 11-12).

2nd Lesson (Revelation 11:1-10).

Apostle John in the Island of Patmos was shown the revelation that the saints shall be triumphant in the end abide eternally in God’s temple (Rev. 11:1).

The saints are people who:

  • Worship and serve God whether dead or alive
  • Those who have obeyed the Gospel.
  • They are measured according to their constant faithfulness to the word of God.

The Gentiles who are lukewarm and uncommitted are left out of the measurement (v2; Rev.3:15-16).

Elijah and Moses represent the Word of God. The wicked world will try to kill the word and succeeds for a time (three and a half days). But in the end the Spirit of God will resurrect them (v.11, Rom.8:11)

CCC Hymn 303: Host of Angels rejoice with the Father.

Worldly Wisdom

A lot of us have abandoned the wisdom of God to follow after the wisdom of this world.

  • We believe that it is the person whose hand is swift that the god of Iron suppbacks.
  • Therefore, we attempt to use our own hands to adjust our lives.
  • We conclude that Heaven helps those who help themselves. That is, God does not reject “extra help” or “assistance”.
  • Therefore we believe we can and should assist God to perform His duties.

Time and Chance (Eccl.9:11)

According to man, success is determined by being in the right place and at the right time.

But let me tell you that, the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God (I Cor.1:19-20; Is.55:8-9).

  • Your Protection: Is it because you are very careful?
  • Your Victory: Is it because you are powerful or courageous?
  • Your riches/wealth: Is it because you are hardworking and diligent?
  • Your promotion and success: Are they as a result of your being well connected or because you are more intelligent?

Errors of Human Wisdom

  • Your destiny is not in your hands (Jer. 10:23)
  • You are not capable of directing your steps (Ps.37:23-24).
  • Tomorrow is not yours to arrange (James 4:13-15).
  • God is all your hope (Lam 3:24-26).

Everything is the Hand of God.

We know for certain that:

  • It is only with God that all things are possible (Mat.19:26).
  • Our time is in God’s hand. He controls time (Ps. 31:15).
  • All gifts and abilities i.e. Swiftness, Strength, Wisdom, Understanding, Skillfulness, Favour are from God. He is the owner of all things (I Cor. 12:4-6).

Time and Chance are determined by God’s Mercy

  • The man who wins the race and battle, eats, have riches and favour is the one who has the mercy of God  (Rom. 9:13-16)
  • You are what you are today and you are where you are now “not by might nor by power but by my Spirit” says the Lord (Zech. 4:6; 1 Cor. 15:10).

The race is not for the swift and the battle is not for the strong

  • When you try and fail or when you succeed, do you recognize the hand of God in your affairs?
  • When you’re victorious, do you realize it is by God’s grace?   (Ps. 44:3-8).

Hymn 544: Let’s hold the pillar of the Lord Jesus.

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